To Never Feel Again?

You’re brain is said to be in charge of everything the body does. It sends signals which gets our body going and that’s how we function. Yet if we’re completely honest our brain can’t control everything. Yes it tells the heart to pump blood, but our heart does it’s own thing when it comes to feelings. You’re brain tells your stomach when to digest but the stomach does it’s own thing such as clenching in fear or feeling butterflies at unexpected moments. Then when we don’t like a certain feeling such as heartbreak, disappointment, or terror we think “I’m gonna think with my brain and I won’t feel that again! I’m in control! I know now!” You’re so sure you won’t let anything make you cry again. Then something blindsides you leading to escaped tears. You say you won’t get hurt but your heart breaks without your consent. Like I said before, there really is no control when it comes to feelings. We hate this loss of control when it turns and effects us negatively but if we could…would we choose the option to never feel again if it meant total control? No, I don’t think we would and if you don’t agree well let me explain why you shouldn’t want to rid your feelings. Yes, it may make life easier to walk around unfeeling. To never have to worry about feeling negative emotions anymore…. But there’s a reason that we sometimes risk it all even if there’s that chance of it ending in sadness or pain! It’s to feel that high again! Those moments of pure joy. That moment where we laugh so hard that we can’t stop! We literally feel like we’re going to die from lack of air. The feeling of having a crush on someone where your heart races and any compliment from them makes you feel like you just won the lottery. That warm feeling when someone you love tells you they love you too! That feeling of pride when you pass a test or learn something new! Yes, you could have failed or given up but nope you just achieved that like the bad ass you are! You know what I’m talking about! Those moments where you get a pep in your step! Where your body just feels like a rocket of happy energy. You want to dance or do something crazy! Yes, that on top of the world feeling is what keeps us coming back! Yes there are times that the outcome will be the opposite but remember that all feelings take us through a lesson. They help us grow. You don’t want to live in a world without feeling because sometimes when your heart gets out of your control it can lead to the best moments and memories of your life. It can lead to the biggest lessons that shape who you become. My blossoms you can’t control chaos but you can control how you enjoy the feel good moments among it!

Loving & Strutting

Blossoming Beauty

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